3 Things Parents Need to Know About Teenage Invisalign

Teenage is a very tricky age, and given that you are a parent to a teenager, no one knows this better than you. Have you found your kid acting self- conscious because of a misaligned tooth? It’s quite possible that his or her friends pick on him (though jokingly) and this is bound to have a great impact on him or her, growing up. If that tooth is out of place, it is time to fix it now. And to add to your knowledge, over 90 percent teenagers opt for Invisalign as their preferred method of teeth alignment or smile correction.

Is there any specific reason why Invisalign  is growing so much in popularity among teenagers? Actually, there is. Between extracurricular school activities and sleepovers at best friend’s, your teenager does a lot of self-exploration. And visible metal braces can dampen the process to a great extend (though not because of the braces themselves). It’s just that metal braces are more visible and they make your kid stand out, not exactly in the best possible way. Your child will tell you that it has a ‘ugly’ feel to it. Well, teen psyche!

As a parent here are 3 things that you need to know about teenage Invisalign:

It boosts their self-confidence– It’s all in the name. Invisalign is, well, an invisible way to get done with teeth straightening.  Almost invisible, to be precise but the fact is that most people won’t notice them and your kid can go about their day as normally as possible without any undue scrutiny. In short, Invisalign makes your teenager feel better about the whole thing.

Invisalign is just as effective as metal braces– There you go, that’s one less thing for you to worry about. Invisalign can treat the same problems at the same pace with equal effectiveness as that of metal braces. This is why even parents are getting more inclined to support the shift from traditional braces. Let’s just admit that life would a lot easier to deal with without metal braces and wires (if you could possibly help it).

The cost is about the same– As parents, we know, this a factor to worry about. But since Invisalign is covered by medical insurance policies, it gives you the option to pay it off over time. Having considered that, one might say that the cost of both Invisalign and metal braces may after all come down to the same. Though it’s true, Invisalign is a bit on the higher side but that extra cost is totally worth it, especially if you can pay it off gradually.

Last, but not much the least, Invisalign can help to contain bulling at school. No matter how hard you try, there will always be those unfortunate situations where your kid may be teased by his or her friends for something or the other. At least the braces need not be the reason. Teenage Invisalign can largely help you there!