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3 Ways to Celebrate The Birth of a Friend’s Baby

The birth of a new baby is one of life’s rawest pleasures. Birth has been cause for joyous celebration for thousands of years and continues to be one of life’s biggest miracles. For the friends and family of the new parents, a birth can be a particularly exciting, enriching time, but knowing just what to get an overwhelmed, tired and emotional parent is daunting.

Pick the right gift however, and you’ll be able to show your friends just how much you care, while also providing some more practical support. We’ve put together our list of top suggestions to help you find the perfect gift.

Embrace Nature and Plant a Tree

Many celebrations are fleeting. Long after the cards have been put away, and the champagne drunk, a long-lasting memory of the birth will endure time. A more permanent celebration will help provide the family with love, comfort and happy memories, through the journey of their individual and together lives.

Bearing this in mind, what can be more fitting than a sapling. Plan a beautiful planting ceremony, a chance for the family and friends to come together when the parents have had time to settle down a little, into their new life. Look into the symbolic meanings of each tree variety, and pick the one that speaks the most of your new little friend.

The icing on the cake might be to produce a personalised plaque that provides a little background to the story. You can keep it simple by finding your own seeds or buy a pre-grown sapling by taking a look at The Present Tree.

Create a bumper gift with a hamper

The days following the birth of a new baby are a whirlwind for any parents. A blend of exhaustion, endless crying and feeding mean the days can roll into one, and finding time to do the most simple of chores, such as shopping, quickly becomes impossible. To help ease the pain, a hamper is an ideal way of helping a family.

Pack a hamper, bag or box full of small, everyday items like wipes and nappies, perfect for that little one. Also consider the sanity of the parents! Include some grown-up items like wine and chocolate, or maybe an old fashioned mix-tape to sooth an aching brain. By packing the perfect package, you’ll help ensure the parents supplies don’t run low, while providing little simple pleasures to help them make the most of their time as a family.

Try to also include some more sentimental contents, maybe a scrapbook or a photo album. By including a variety of items, you’ll help ensure you’re gifting both a practical and personal present.

Say it with words and flowers

Everyone knows the feeling of sweeping up endless cards after an occasion. Taking down the Christmas cards signifies the very end of the festivities. Packing away birthday cards marks the acceptance of ageing. More often than not, paper cards are disposed of without much thought, so sending a unique greeting will ensure your card stands apart from the crowd, but also can be saved away for a time for the child and parents to re-visit in time.

We’ve found that with flowercards you get the perfect opportunity, to send more than just good words. A beautiful handcrafted card filled with a miniature bouquet of flowers symbolises more than just words, but the true celebration of new birth. The cards come in an array of themes and can be personalised with your own messages to celebrate the new bundle of joy.

Overall, whatever you choose, by providing a personalised, practical and symbolic gift, you’ll help the new parents celebrate this most significant of occasions, as well as softening those tiring first few days with a newborn.