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A Lit of the Top Educational & Developmental Focused Toys For Babies

If you have ever been to a store that caters towards babies, then you know that there are thousands upon thousands of toys that are made for small, growing children.  Once a child hits about 3 months old, the options of toys that help entertain, educate and stimulate the brain of a growing baby are numerous. You want to make sure that you purchase a toy that will engage the baby, educate the baby and allow the baby to have fun. Making sure you have the best educational and development toys for your baby is crucial during this time. Here is a list of some of the best educational and developmental toys for babies!

Baby Jumper

Babies brains are like sponges, they absorb information from every single thing they do or interact with. This is another reason why baby jumpers are one of the best toys for a child. Once a child is about 6 months old, they start to work on and develop stronger motor skills. These skills help them with walking, reaching for things, holding things as well as learning things like cause and effect. A jumper which includes things like toys, buttons, lights and sounds can help a child with all of these motor skills and emerging thought processes.

VTech Baby Phone

Babies love phones. If there is a phone within their reach, they want to play with it. While this may seem harmless, you will realize letting them pay with your expensive phone wasn’t a very smart idea once it is broken on the floor after being dropped one too many times. That is why a VTech baby phone is the perfect idea. It will allow your child to play with a phone that appears very similar to them. The VTech touch and swipe baby phone gives your child the feeling that they are playing with a real phone and allows them to enjoy the swiping motion of the icons that they love so much, without damaging your actual phone.

Oball Rattle and Roll car

Babies love motion, if it is moving, they want to watch it. This is why the Oball rattle and roll car will give them endless hours of fun and excitement. It is small in size, which allows for a baby’s small hand to grip it perfectly, and it won’t take up any space, which means it is the perfect toy to take when you are on the go. The toy is also built to be very sturdy and can deal with any pressure or harsh conditions that a baby will put it through. It also comes in many different colors to help keep children even more entertained.

Boikido Wooden Musical Blocks

Gekido wooden musical blogs are the perfect thing to enhance a child’s intellect from a very early age. These toys are beautifully made in bright colors. The puzzles on the board will help your child’s growing brain, and they won’t get bored because the musical notes will keep them entranced and motivated to keep playing.