Best Stuff for Expecting and New Moms

From the exhilaration of a baby’s first steps to the exhaustion of late-night cries and feedings, the first months of motherhood are emotional affairs — so there’s probably no group on the planet more deserving of extra-special free stuff/gift than new moms. With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start mulling over the perfect present. To make the process a cinch, we did the legwork for you with these 10 great new-mom picks.

A stylish diaper bag

No new mom should have to forgo style for utility (ick). Since she carries that good ol’ diaper bag just about everywhere, help her trade up for one that feels like an extension of her outfit. This cross-body, the multi-compartment tote is both fashionable and functional — not to mention eco-friendly.

A nursing pillow

You can’t put a price on comfort, right? Get the new mom in your life a nursing pillow with all the goods. This one’s got a soft and a firm side, whether she wants a snugly surface or needs some extra support, as well as an adjustable belt to secure the pillow in place. On the practical side, it’s also machine-washable.


Let’s face it: cleaning the house is probably the absolute last thing a new mom wants to do in her downtime. With that in mind, help her offload some of those duties by paying for housekeeping — a free stuff that may be especially useful around (and after) the busy holiday season.

A timeless necklace

No woman will ever turn down a gorgeous piece of jewelry! Whether she’s a first-time mom or you’re wrapping it up on behalf of her kiddos, a sparkly keepsake necklace is a great addition to her collection. A timeless tag in gold or sterling silver will go with anything in her closet, so it’s a fail-safe option.

Keepsake book

Books will never go out of style, and usually, tug at the heartstrings — especially when it’s one mom can write herself. Help get her started with an awesome hand-me-down memory book for a new baby or pick one up that’s dedicated to those precious parental life lessons Basically, you’re helping her nail a special refree stuff down the road.

Free stuff/gift cards

Honestly, a lot of people are afraid to admit free stuff cards are pretty great presents — and they can still highly personal if you include a nice note about why you chose the one you did upon delivery. Free stuff cards or free stuff certificates from a local spa, a favorite coffee shop, iTunes for entertainment, Target for essentials or Starbucks for fuel are safe bets for new moms. Click Here –


Since she’s basically soothing her new baby 24/7 in those initial weeks and months, help a brand-new mom take a load off with a glider for the nursery. Choose one with adequate cushion, preferably in a neutral to match any decor. It’s the perfect place for moms to preserve manpower… and it looks pretty slick to boot.

Nursing clothing

Nursing comes with its own set of highs and lows. One low is the complicated clothing situation — but you can turn that clothing debacle around with some cute new nursing essentials. A soft bra that’s a breeze to unhook is a total necessity, along with a comfortable hoodie for cold weather that easily opens when it’s time to breastfeed

At-home pampering

Sure, a spa package is a wonderful free stuff… but sometimes a quick, at-home pick-me-up is the better solution for a new mom. Whether you opt for a luxe new eye cream to tackle dark circles and puffiness, a soothing moisturizer for tired toes, or a full facial set, there’s a million different pampering options she’ll love and appreciate (yet probably wouldn’t buy for herself).

Digital picture frame

A nice picture frame is always a free stuffing standard, but a digital picture frame is infinitely cooler. Like a frame and a photo album rolled into one and packaged up for the 21st-century customer, mom can re-watch all those scrolling memories while she’s catering to her new little one.