Darling Buds Nursery

A well-established day nursery suitably situated in Cardiff Bay, Darling Buds has been providing excellent early years experiences for kids since 1996.

Fully listed to care for 105 boys plus girls aged from 6 weeks toward 12 years old. Our greeting nursery offers a safe and fun atmosphere for your valuable child toward learn and grow.

The excellent team of executives and staff have massive child care experience as well as are whole heatedly dedicated to giving all kids at Darling Buds equivalent attention that is so extremely significant in these vital early years.

Our multi-sensory actions make learning both amusing and pleasant, while our cheering, nurturing plus supportive atmosphere will offer your kid the chance to flourish and become a true distinct.

Very much a multi-ethnic nursery, we delight in providing care for all races, faiths and sexes, and if we are capable to – and inside the abilities of our staff – we moreover welcome children with distinct caring otherwise learning requirements.
We use mostly English in the nursery; though we proud to be capable to offer fun activities for kids in both English plus Welsh. In adding we have a small amount of Welsh speaking staff plus a Welsh teacher who offers a 1 hour Welsh lesson toward the kids aged 3 years plus over.
Along the nursery we function a breakfast club plus an afternoon club for the kids who attend full time school inside the local area. We moreover provide care through the school holidays. In adding we offer a wraparound service to plus from local institutes.

Fully amenable with the Nationwide Minimum Standards for Full Day Care, we confirm that Darling Buds keeps the precise staff to kid’s ratio at all times. Each an each member of our staff has moreover received an improved DBS check, thus you can rest assured that your valued tot(s) will be pleased, content plus in the safest of hands.

We offer supple care counting term time only agreements which comprises a wraparound service to and from local institutes, after school club as well as holiday clubs which run throughout all school holidays.

Nursery schools are of greatest importance since it is where we start to nurture outside our coziness zones. Like plant nurseries, wherever plants are grown in promising and loving conditions, nursery schools are there for kids. It is here we start learning means to deal with difficulties. The finest part is we still select our first pre-school as a safety question whenever making an online account.

We are a long recognized day nursery in Cardiff Bay. We offer supple childcare for children aged from 6 weeks toward 12 years counting, day care, breakfast club, afterward school club, wrap around service, we moreover offer term time merely contracts, pro rata plus shift work agreements. Situated in the heart of Cardiff Bay, Darling Buds Nursery is the faultless atmosphere for your kids to grow, learn and prosper. Our roomy and colorful premises provides a friendly ‘home from home’ from Monday’s toward Friday’s. Darling Buds Nursery is a park where learning is instructed by way of fun.