Fun Family Activities for Kids

Fun Family Activities for Kids

No matter how big is your family, whether it’s 2, 3, or 10 members of the family, there is a wide range of fun-filled activities and ideas for your family: mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandma and grandpa – something for everybody! Whether it’s spring, summer, semester or winter, daytime, night time, indoors or outdoors, a quick midweek break or a weekend family break, we’ll have a great activity for your family.

Awesome Family Fun Activities Guide:

Okay, enough with the formalities, and now let’s get right down to the question on your mind: what exactly are some fun family activities?

Outdoor Activities: There is nothing more pleasurable than exceptional outside with siblings and parents in concert!

Indoor Activities: Can you hear rainwater and thunder? Maybe better to try an indoor activity!

Day time Activities: Want the sun to shine you while you hang up with the family? No problem!

Nights Activities: The moon can get attractive smart, but plenty of nights activities for your family to enjoy!

Family Activities: Outdoor

The outdoors is a superb place for a family group to get together, weather permitting, as the fresh air can be invigorating and energizing, and invite for bonding between siblings, parents, and even cousins!

Fun Outdoor Family Activities w/ Kids:

Cover and Seek: With regards to the size of your back garden, disguise and seek is a superb way for your kids to perform and explore but within the safeness of your own home. This game becomes more difficult and interesting if you combine it with the indoors of your home. With regards to the years of your children, you may want to placed some suggestions or rules in place so that no-one gets lost or hurt during the game.

Back garden Fun for the Family:

The backyard of a family group home can be an awesome way to have a fun time with the complete fam. You will discover endless possibilities to entertain and also have everyone enjoying the turf, trees and shrubs, nooks and crannies, and other things that lays in your yard. A very important thing about backyards is that they are plenty of fun but also very unique – some backyards have ponds and rivers flowing through them, others have trees that are 100+ years old! Therefore, here a few magnificent backyard fun activities for the family to enjoy:

Outdoor Kid-Friendly Gardening Activities:

Gardening: Much like our indoor horticulture ideas above, outdoor gardening is a classic fun family activity where the entire family can relationship and revel in together. There are various ways to methodology family gardening, and we recommend starting out by taking your kids and family to the neighborhood gardening store, whether it’s a nursery or a plant sale shop.

Physical activity. Kids NEED to be physically active, and research shows that they really do sleep much more readily when they’ve had an hour or three to run around outside and breathe fresh air.

Family Indoor Activities

indoor activities inside houseIndoor Family Activities with Kids in the home

There are multiple reasons why you might keep things inside your home with the family. Whether it’s the rainwater, the wintry, or any other reason you can think of for desiring a roof together with your mind, well, that is very legitimate.

And the truth is, you don’t desire a reason to have a great time indoors with the family. Family activities can be performed anywhere, including your living room, den, and even your kitchen!

In terms of indoors activities that everyone can enjoy, the list is actually, truly, never ending.

Fun Family Card Games

Apples to Apples: If your family has yet to try out Apples to Apples together, then it’s period to get with the program!  This ultra popular game has actually won awards (Get together Game of the Year in 1999 by Game titles Magazine), which is a real blast to learn with members of the family of even friends. The best way to play the overall game is for each and every player to try and win the most rounds by participating in their Red Apple cards, each which has a noun. These credit cards are enjoyed and read aloud in response to the Green Apple greeting card which is displayed by one player for any to see, and the cards  contains an adjective or description. The productive player than chooses a common Green Apple greeting card, and whoever’s card is chosen is the victor!

Indoor Planting Activities:

Planting is a forgotten artwork for things you can do in one’s home, college, or office. That’s because people often expect all planting and gardening if for the outdoors. That is definitely false, and there are a couple of fun planting activities that can be done with everyone.

Venus Flytrap: Let’s focus on the easiest and also a lover favorite. We at UNICEF Kid Power certainly are no experts when it comes to plants, and for recognized information here is a great reference on this plant.

The best thing about Venus Fly Traps is they can indeed be grown indoors. However, it’s important that you place the herb by a windows, ideally the one that is opened frequently. The open windowpane can be any place in the room, but the sun rays must hit the plant. The fun part is actually feeding the seed.

In case your kid has patience, he may reach witness the Venus Flytrap capture a bug like a fly or ant. But, it is obviously a great thing to view if you feed your Venus Flytrap various goodies, including small pieces of poultry or fruit. Ensure that your kid doesn’t supply it something absurd such as a crayon or clay – this can harm the flower! Kick your weekend plans up a notch and make plans for family fun at Zero Gravity!

Fun Night Time Family Activities & Ideas

Stargazing: There is plenty to write about on this subject, and we’ll leave it to the experts (link below) to explain it all. However, the night time presents a unique experience where a family can gaze out onto the stars together in wonderment.

Whether it’s a solar eclipse, or using a telescope to spot Saturn in the wee hours of the morning, or catching a random shooting star, gazing at the night time sky as a family is truly an experience. Additionally, it allows parents to teach their kids a thing or two, by pointing out notable stars such as: Orion’s belt, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Polarus, Vega, Canopus, Pollux, and Deneb.

Here are more resources for learning about the midnight sky and its brightest stars.

Movie Night: Now we know that TV watching is not the most productive family activity, but it isn’t the worst thing in the world to get the family around the fireplace, cook a yummy dinner, and turn on a movie which could hopefully be fun for the whole family. There is definitely something to watching a movie as a family bonding night time activity rather than during the day.

Baking: Although this can be done during the day, there is a definitely an enjoyable and soothing effect of baking before and during bedtime hours. Going to sleep at night with the fresh aroma of a warm cake that was just baked really is an underrated experience, and is what qualifies baking as a fun night time activity for the family. You can get everyone involved as well: get your spouse to get the utensils ready, and have the kids pour and mix ingredients. And, if you want, let the kids have a surprise pre-bedtime snack of the cake you just baked, assuming it’s not too late in the evening.

Camping: If you have a backyard, then why not pitch a tent and go camping! Pull out the sleeping bags, maybe even light a small bonfire (but be careful!) and sit around the campfire and tell fun or scary stories. The best part is, if your kids get scared you can always go right back inside and into bed!

Indoor Camping: Sure, this kind of defeats the purpose of camping. But, if your kids are younger and still afraid of sleeping outdoors, then why not try a trial run with indoor camping. (This is also good for households that don’t have much of a backyard). The idea is still the same – gather everyone in one room, and feel free to make it as realistic as you’d like! You can pitch tents, put everyone in sleeping bags, and even roast marshmallows! Talk about a fun indoor nighttime activity for the family! This is also conducive for a family that has a baby at home, allowing the parents to be within earshot.

Listening to Nature: Depending on where you live, this can be a fun activity. If your family lives anywhere mountainous, or even in certain suburbs, you can definitely hear sounds nature. Often times, we take the natural sounds of nature for granted, but if you listen closely you can hear tons of interesting sounds!

We bet you never thought this could be a fun family activity! If you put your ear to the outdoors, especially at nighttime when things are more quiet, you can probably hear crickets, cicadas, tree frogs, hummingbirds (more likely during the day), bats, and croaking lizards. Your kids will be amazed at all of the amazing sounds of nature that they’ve always heard but now can truly listen and take note.

Glow in the Dark: You thought the night was fun because it’s dark. Well, what if you brightened it up a bit? There are a ton of awesome night activities for the kids and family if you slap on some glow in the dark paint. Before you do anything, make sure that the glow in the dark face paint is safe to apply and easy to wash off, as you don’t want any eye related injuries.

  • Hide and Seek: We’ve listed this family activity earlier in this post, but hide and seek with glow in the dark paint during the nighttime can be loads of fun! Obviously it is super important to ensure that boundaries are set so that no kids get lost. It is therefore recommended to play this game in your backyard instead of a public area. Anyways, if you thought regular hide and seek was fun, wait til you play it with glow in the dark paint. Watching or seeing someone run by or hiding behind a tree in the night, but also lit up with flashy colors at the same time, is a super fun experience! Also, to make things more orderly and competitive, you can apply  different colors to different teams!
  • Tag: We would obviously not recommend playing tag at night. However, if enough glow in the dark paint is applied, and it is bright enough to see clearly at night, then suddenly tag becomes a legitimate fun nighttime activity for the family and kids to enjoy! Seeing a kid run across your backyard while lit up in neon pink, glowing yellow, or oozing green, and many other super bright glowing colors, is a ton of fun!
  • Dance Party: A dance kids party for the family can always be fun, but now you can have it outdoors with everyone wearing fun and wacky glow in the dark face paint! Simply turn on the boombox, put on some face paint, and get grooving in your backyard! You could even have dance competitions between different family members or sibling groups. Imagine if you split up all the girls against all the boys – you could apply a different coat of paint to each team, and then have a fun family dance-off competition. It is recommended to clear the area that you will dance on (remove rocks and random skateboards) so that no one trips.  Feel free to even turn on an outdoor light or two to provide easier vision for all involved, and so that parents can more easily  keep an eye on kids.