How to choose the best toddler pillow for your child

As your child continues to grow there will come an occasion when your little one will desire a pillow to stay comfortable throughout the night time. Toddler pillows, also called infant pillows were suitable for the sole reason for providing your child with a comfortable nights sleep.

This buyers guide offers you everything you need to learn about toddler pillows. Utilize the links below to jump to the appropriate section or browse the guide through from commence to end, it’s all great information!
Why you shouldn’t give your child a regular pillow
When you have not heard about toddler pillows before then you may well be wondering why a toddler can’t simply sleep on a normal pillow.

A normal pillow was created to provide support to the parents head and neck. A toddler doesn’t have the same proportions as a grown-up and resting on a normal pillow will place needless pressure on the neck and shoulders. Continuous pressure may business lead discomfort and sleepless times or worse, poor pose.

Toddler cushion were created around your baby’s proportions, enabling an appropriate sleep while providing your little ones developing body with appropriate support.

When to introduce your child to a pillow
There is much debate concerning when a toddler should start utilizing a pillow. Many “experts” agree that the right time to provide your toddler a pillow is when you transition your baby from the crib to a foundation, around age 18 – 24 calendar months.

The answer you’ll get from parents, however, will differ vastly. Many parents survey that they presented pillows prior to this years without problems. As every baby produces and behaves differently, there doesn’t seem to be a common “right” time and energy to introduce your child to a pillow.

In the end as the parent, it is for you to decide as to as soon as your little one is preparing to use a pillow. In the event that you watch your toddler closely you might notice him giving you clues that he is prepared to make the hop to sleeping with a pillow.
Another indicator is to check out your baby’s shoulders. After they are wider than his head then your baby will usually become more comfortable sleeping over a pillow than a flat mattress.

The purpose of giving your child a pillow to sleep on is to make him more comfortable. If your child is sleeping just fine without a cushion then simply look out for the aforementioned clues and continue your children sleeping regime as normal.

Finding the right pillow for your child
If you are looking for the best cushion for your child then you’ll need to take the next points under consideration.

Know your toddlers allergies
Let’s say that your son or daughter is allergic to wool. It goes without saying that you would not purchase your toddler a wool pillow, which would only aggravate his allergy. When you are aware of what your baby is and isn’t hypersensitive to can help you narrow down the perfect toddler cushion.

Satisfaction guarantee
Many toddler pillows give a satisfaction warranty. Some are only ninety days while others give a warranty period of 3 years. A guarantee will change from brand to brand but it’ll generally cover poor workmanship, torn seams or loss of shape.

A longer ensure may indicate a better quality toddler as the business is willing to stand back of it’s product. The top three toddler pillows inside our review below all have a guarantee of varying size.

Company vs soft
You need to strike up a delicate balance between comfort and support. In the event that you press down on a cushion and it generally does not regain its condition then the cushion is too delicate which is unsafe for your toddler to use as it poses a suffocation risk.

On the other hand if you press down on the cushion and it doesn’t move in any way then the cushion may be to hard to provide comfort. As the majority of toddler pillows have been designed to provide optimal support, it is still something to consider.

Cushion cover material
The outer part of the toddler pillow is normally created from cotton. Be mindful that whenever choosing a cushion that cotton can be regular or organic and natural. Organic and natural cotton lacks the toxins and bacteria, bleaches and dyes that ordinarily go with the cotton developing process. Needless to say, you don’t want your child sucking in these commercial materials while sleeping. Organic toddler pillows will always be clearly marked. If you cannot figure out in case a toddler cushion is organic or not then it is best to be careful and believe that the cushion isn’t.

Common toddler cushion cover materials include:
Cotton polyester blend
Synthetic fiber
Thread count
If you have ever purchased new bedding you might have come over the term “thread matter”. Thread count up refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. The bigger the thread count up, the silkier and stronger the cushion will feel. Toddler pillows with a higher thread count are less scratchy and convenient than people that have less thread count up.

Pillow complete material
Beneath the pillowcase hides the materials that keeps your child’s brain supported and comfortable. There are many different materials you can use to fill toddler pillows. From foam to buckwheat there is a huge variety to choose from.

The most common pillow fill materials include:
Synthetic fill
Foam or foam
The aforementioned materials are the most frequent because they enable the pillow itself to be easily cleaned. Be careful when choosing a pillow that the fill doesn’t make too much noise as it steps around inside the pillow. Materials like buckwheat and certain fabricated fills can make a loud, crinkling noise when the weight of your toddlers mind is shifted. The crinkling noise may cause your child being awoken from his slumber, not a desired outcome for any parent.

Is your child sensitive to microbes, dust, dust particles miters, mould and even more? Hypoallergenic pillows are made from materials that will assist reduce allergies. Many organic and natural toddler pillows are effortlessly hypoallergenic. In case your cushion is not organic and natural then it’ll be evidently marked concerning whether it’s hypoallergenic or not.

Washing instructions
When there is a very important factor toddlers excel at it’s making chaos. Whether the cushion gets grubby from sticky fingertips or the drool monster that your child turns into during the night, another thing is certain, you are eventually have to to wash that pillow.

Toddler pillows will package with your kids grime in one of two ways.

Machine washable: Simply toss the cushion in your washer for a complete cycle. Your child cushion will emerge clean s your day you bought it.
Pillowcase: The toddler cushion will have a removable cover that protects the cushion inside. The cover itself is machine washable as the pillow generally is not.
The best toddler pillows
Let’s review the top toddler pillows open to buy and what makes them so excellent. There are always a couple different types of toddler pillows to choose from, and the best toddler cushion is pictured with each kind.

There’s a reason why this toddler pillow appears near the top of my best of list. For the purchase price, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. A great product with great customer support. A definite success in my booklet.

If you are not impressed by the pillow then you will definitely be sold on the client service. Little Cushion Company goes the excess mile to ensure you are pleased with your purchase. In case the toddler pillow is not well suited for your baby, you can go back it after three months for a complete refund. With guarantees like this, it’s easy to understand why North american companies rock. Ok last one, this toddler cushion is made right here in the USA.

A hypoallergenic load washes extremely well and is encased in a 100% organic and natural cotton cover. Don’t like chemicals? Neither must i. I am pleased to report that toddler pillow is not treated with chemicals during any part of processing.

This toddler pillow is not only thin but also supportive. This enables your little one to settle his favorite position (tummy, back again or area) while left over comfortable.

The pillow is not hard to clean, simply throw it by way of a wash and dry cycle and you are set. A straightforward fluff after washing and your cushion will be good as new. No lumps!

If you do not want to spend a fortune on the toddler cushion but nonetheless want the best, then you should search no further. Soft, breathable and durable. This cushion ticks all the bins at an affordable price.
The Rolls Royce of organic and natural toddler pillows. While this is one of the most expensive toddler pillows on the marketplace there is no doubt that you will be getting the money’s worth.

Each Calla Creative cushion is made by hand and individually inspected for quality. Calla Creative stands behind it’s cushion supplying a three year warranty that it wont lose its jump and will endure to many many years of cleaning. If you are a father or mother who loves quality made and durable products then this is obviously the toddler cushion for you.

The top of pillow is cotton sateen, providing a softer convenient feel. Maybe even more important, if your child is easily woken by noise in the night time, the top of pillow is calm to touch, even with out a pillowcase.

Disadvantages: The expense of this toddler cushion may scare audience away.
Parents may use toddler pillows too
Once your child has outgrown his cushion there is no need to throw it out. While a toddler cushion won’t suffice as a pregnancy pillow they will be the perfect size to use as a travel pillow for a complete harvested adult. Keep this at heart the next time you have that long car trip before you and want to get comfortable.