How to pick the right stroller for your baby (and you!)

There he is – your cute, adorable little one you’ve carried for the past nine months. Soon the time will come to begin exploring the world. Unfortunately, your kid won’t be able to do it on its own, so  you’re now facing quite a challenge, as every mom did. You need a stroller, but simply checking out Amazon makes you overwhelmed with literally thousands of possible choices. You’ve got probably one shot (assuming you don’t want to become a stroller collector), but take it easy. Although a perfect, universal stroller doesn’t exist as different moms have different needs, answering some questions will surely help you with making just the right choice that will bring both you and your toddler comfort and safety in everyday life.

First things first, first days first. If you plan to stroll with a newborn the stroller definitely has to feature a fully-flat recline to support the delicate, soft back and head of your kid. Make sure that the stroller has this feature or allows to attach a suitable carrycot or a travel system suitable for a newborn. Most of the strollers by default support a kid from around 6-months, able to sit up on its own.

Next comes the probably most important question you need to answer. Simple may it sound, but the answer will guide you toward the correct direction. Where will you be going? If hitting the malls and walking around the city will be the your usual destinations, you should rather pick a stroller that is highly maneuverable, so it would be easy to go around the store or turn on a narrow, crowded sidewalk. This is probably the easiest scenario and you will have a plenty of choices, with each one being just right, so you may focus on some other things like the look of the stroller. Who said the stroller can’t be a part of your style, after all?

Are you a jogger? It gets a bit more tricky here. Jogging is great for you, especially if you want to regain fit figure you had before giving birth, but you need to remember about your toddler’s comfort. Picking a jogging stroller will require you to remember about a few things. Make sure it has a good suspension so your little one wouldn’t get tossed around on bumps. A good harness will also add some safety and comfort. Another important thing is the feature to straight-lock the front wheel. Last, but not least – you should also check if the handlebar’s height can be adjusted to fit your height.

If you’re planning to do offroad strolling in woods, you should pick an all-terrain stroller. The suspension should be able to pick even bigger bumps than a jogging stroller as you will be facing much more difficult terrain. All-terrain strollers usually run on four-wheels and the wheels are one of the most important aspects. You need to look for a stroller with larger wheels  and it’s up to you if you go with the air-filled ones (my personal choice) or some other solution like hybrid ones. I’ve read a Nuna Demi Grow review a while ago and it seems like a possibly good choice for an all-terrain.

Are you planning to travel a lot? Or maybe you live in a small flat? In such situation you should surely choose one of the lightweight, compact, space-saving strollers. If you’re planning to take your little one on a plane, make sure the folded stroller would fit the overhead compartment so you could put it in there and don’t have to wait for your baggage on the airport. A compact, lightweight stroller will also be a great choice for moms who have a small flat or need to carry the stroller around often.

Whatever your destination will be, there are some common aspects of any stroller you should consider. The most important of these would be the seat, that’s where your toddler will be most of the time (hopefully!) while strolling. Make sure that the seat is comfy, prefferably soft-padded and spacy – you won’t even notice when your little one will become not-so-little. Safety first – check if the harness may be easily adjusted to fit your kid and yes, keep him in place. Toddlers tend to have some absolutely amazing ideas of running away, believe me. 🙂 Also, make sure the stroller provides a good protection from sun or wind. Check the fabrics used – they need to have a soft, nice touch, baby skin is delicate and you don’t want to end up with a screaming kid on the go.

Most of the strollers have an adjustable handlebar – this aspect is especially important to moms above or below the average height, else you will end up with a backache on a regular basis (well.. you will anyway but you don’t want to add another reason to the list, do you?). Storage space is also important, especially if you’re planning a longer ride and need to take a lot of stuff with you – make sure the storage bin will satisfy your needs.

Last, but not least, the thing I’ve mentioned already. The look of the stroller is also important. Being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t have the look! Simply pick a color you like the most, but there’s more. Many strollers provide a great detail – leather accents like the handlebar. It doesn’t only look great, but it’s also much more practical (yes, you can justify yourself this way) – it won’t get worn as fast as a rubber one and it’s easier to clean.

Well, there you go! I hope reading this article, based on my own experience will help you with picking just the perfect stroller for you and your kid and keep you both happy on the go!

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