Kids and Parenting

Is Modern Technology Helping Children Be More Efficient Or Lazier?

Technology has become an integral part of our life. In every field, the influence of technology has been seen. Now everyone is deeply influenced by technological developments. Technology has made our life easier and helped to achieve our goals and ambitions easily and quickly. When we are talking about the positivity of technology we must talk about the negativity of the technology. When we take the educational field. There is no doubt that technology has changed the concept of education. In the past, it was just related to the learning process and textbook oriented. But now in this modern technological era, the learning process is based on child-centered or learner-centered. When we are talking about the effects of technology on the educational field we must talk about the negative sides too. In this 21st century, the children are completely depending on technological devices. It has a positive impact at the same time it has a negative impact too.

   1 Made children more confident

                As the children are influenced by the technological devices it has made them confident and active in the class. In the past when the children got class works or any other assignments and the deadlines always made them stressed and tensed. But after the use of technological devices, it has made them more confident. It has taught them kindness too. In the class work and in their other works technology helped a lot. It made them efficient at the same time it made them lazy too. When they got any class work they will immediately use devices for its solutions it made them lazier. So it mainly depends upon the individual how to use it and how to manage it without depending on it too much.

  2 Subject materials are available online

                When you miss your class or notes you may make use of online materials. Now technological devices are developing more applications which are much related to the educational topics and subjects. So from their single touch, they can use it by sitting in one place. Now they don’t need to search for books in the library or no need to ask books from others they will get everything in computers and in smart phones. So we can say that it has made children lazier but at the same time, it has saved time and energy.

When we are talking about technology and its effects on children we must agree that everything has its own merits and demerits. So we must accept merits and also should try to decrease the impact of negativity. It depends upon every individual. And teachers and parents should observe the children. And should make sure that children are using technological devices for a limited time. Overuse of technology will affect their studies and also they will fall into some troubles. So like a responsible individual we must make sure that technology should not be used in the wrong way and must use in a proper way.