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Looking for a Squishy Stress Reliever or a New Fidget Toy?

Many people use hand fidgets to alleviate anxiety and stress, to help focus, or simply for basic fun. Stress balls, putty, and anything squishy and squeezy are helpful because they’re calming, calming, and pleasurable to fidget with. Sensory items have helped folks of all age groups, from people seated at a table at the job to children in classrooms.

Squishy Stress Relief Balls

Smoosh, squeeze, stretch out, draw, toss, and jump these fun stress balls. Toys Assortment, These balls are strong, durable, and safe for kids (and parents…you could find yourself with them as well!). Ideal for the classroom, home, or even to bring about the go. This item can help promote a feeling of relaxed, reduce stress/anxiousness, and increase concentrate/attention. Great to use as an initial warm-up activity previous to fine motor work or handwriting to help “wake up” the small muscles of the hand. Made with 100 percent high-quality thermoplastic rubber, they are hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and free of BPA, phthalates, and latex.

Stretchy Mice and Cheese

Squeeze, stretch, and push the little mice through the holes and pull them back out again! This cute fidget toy helps with fine engine coordination, hand conditioning, and is a superb stress reliever. Plus, they have such a good consistency and feel to it (it’s hard to place down once you select it up!).

Tactile Tiger Hand Fidget

This sensory clean has a bristled tactile surface using one side and an elevated tiger design on the other, making both sides beneficial to sensory seekers. This clean is a good way to provide extra tactile excitement if your son or daughter craves tactile insight or is a “sensory seeker.” Kids may enjoy operating their fingers on the bristles or operating the clean over their hands/hands/hip and legs. This clean is simply meant in an effort to provide tactile insight so that as a fidget tool to assist with self-regulation. It’s not designed to replace a cleaning program or sensory diet, if you have any questions about integrating this item into the child’s everyday living, consult with your child’s occupational therapist (if he/she happens to be getting therapy). This clean is also made out of FDA approved materials so that it can be utilized as a dental engine tool (for moderate chewers).

Abilitations Squash It

Each Squash is a visually pleasing, different, two-tone color. Keep it in a pocket, table, school handbag, or purse. They are able to travel or stay at home. Keep them vertically and then switch them ugly to view the colors swirl or work the colors backward and forwards through the filter chamber for a great finger workout. That is a silent fidget, so it’s especially great to use in the classroom (as it’s not distracting to others.) These are latex-free and filled with a nontoxic mineral oil fluid.

Play Foam

Fun tactile play! Roll, squish, squash, sculpt, and squeeze this strange, but fun textured bubbly foam. Use it to help manage anxiety/anger as squeezing it is very calming and therapeutic. It won’t dry out or make a mess in your house (plus it’s easy to clean up).