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MAIL ORDER MONSTER flies the flag for stepparents everywhere!

The lovely new sci-fi family film “Mail Order Monster”, released November 6 from Film Mode Entertainment, tells the adorable story of a young girl who befriends a mail-order robot. But there’s much more to the story than science-fiction and fantasy! Within the laughs and adventure is a very important story about step parenting – and how hard it can be for both the new step parent and the new step child.

In this case, Madison Horcher plays the young girl who struggles to accept her new stepmom, while Charisma Carpenter  – excellent in this part – is the caring, incredible stepmother. Both are forced to adapt and transition into these new roles, and consequently, new lives and it’s extremely difficult for both. Through her new robotic friend though, young Horcher not only learns to accept her new parental figure but appreciate her.

Here’s the story : After witnessing her mother’s death 3 years ago with her best friend PJ in the car, 12 year old Sam Pepper has never been able to move on. Her reclusive nature and nerd table membership leaves Sam an easy target for bullying. Trauma and puberty cause Sam and PJ to not only grow apart but become rivals.

PJ bullies Sam through ostracizing and humiliating her in front of their classmates. As Sam watches the school laugh at her through the slits of her locker, she realizes she’s had enough. Sam orders the parts to build a “Monster” from a comic book ad, and is finally able to give PJ a taste of her own medicine.

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Finally, her life’s changing for the better. When her father, Roy, reveals he proposed to his girlfriend, Sydney Hart, Sam sees just how much her life’s about to change. Unable to face the state of her family, Sam relies on her monster to keep her from getting a new mom.

Josh Hopkins, who moms and dads would recognize from “Cougar Town”, is the young girl’s father.

For a standout turn from both Charisma Carpenter and Madison Horcher, and a storyline that isn’t afraid to go deeper than most family films, this is a film that will no doubt be welcomed with open arms to many families.

Writer-director Paulina Lagudi dedicated this movie to her stepmother and best friend, telling Step Parent magazine “This film is very personal to me, so I was able to pull on a lot of my own emotional experiences with my stepmom to make it as relatable as possible when you have a robot-like monster running around. Like most blended families, both my stepmom and my siblings and I had to go through many emotional changes. My stepmom came into my life when I was 13 years old, Sam is 12 in the film, and that age can be really tough when not only trauma happens, but when a new parental figure comes into the picture. My goal was to show how the best of intentions from parents can come across as the end of the world to a child who is trying desperately to hold on to a life that just doesn’t exist anymore.”

You can watch the trailer for “Mail Order Monster” here :