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MyStory App – The Story of You

‘MyStory’ can be an interactive ‘interview style’ app/software program, which automatically writes the users autobiography producing an e-book, or if you want a softback again duplicate you can order through our reservation binding and finishing partner (take note: reservation binding services distinct is a charge) – It really is like having your own private ‘ghost article writer’ but without the fee (ghostwriters are typically paid anywhere between $25,000.000 – $80,000.00)

My Story for You – The intent is to provide the user with a memoir, a legacy or dedication/gift to family, friends and loved ones, which can be passed down and shared from generation to generation. No longer do you have to be a high profile personality to have your own autobiography written, or pay ghostwriters substantial amounts of money to do so, instead you can now do it easily, effortlessly and cost-effectively. It is designed to capture ones journey in life and provide written documentation of a life lived.

  • Features of MyStory App

Multiple Authors

Perfect for classroom or multi-child home use, multiple authors allows for each child to have their own bookshelf of stories.

Simple and Fun Interface

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking through our interface for use with kids. We’ve taken out superfluous features, and focused on a child’s creativity.

Fantastic Storytelling Tools

We have provided just enough creativity tools like: 3 flexible brushes, a wide array of carefully selected colors, sticker packs, and audio recording to help in the storytelling process.

Powerful Sharing

Our sharing features are some of the most powerful on the App Store! Teachers and parents alike love the private web sharing, ePub generation, Facebook/Twitter, iBooks exporting, and more.

Easily Manage Pages

We’ve made it easy to manage your book right on your storytelling canvas. Simply drag and rearrange pages, delete and rename them, and it will automatically reflect in the final book.

  • The Benefits of MyStory

Ø Preservation of family heritage- allows you to create a personal heritage archive

Ø A distinctive and thoughtful legacy present for family, friends or a special someone

Ø Personal publishing – traditional publishing companies seek out new manuscripts via personal released books, and also these types of books can frequently be used as an improved application or article, or brief story

Ø Proof lineage

Ø Provides understanding and greater knowledge of family members before us… their emotions, thoughts and how exactly we are inter-connected, which could provide comfort, encouragement and motivation knowing how a member of the family faced an identical experience

Ø Creates a written and long-lasting footprint to spread to another generation

Ø Usage for historical records

Ø Preservation of family customs, values and culture and namesakes

Ø Greater knowledge of one’s identification and how exactly we match the broader world all around us

Ø Greater knowledge of a historical event, and potential participation of our ancestors

Ø A great, interactive, engaging process which may be recovery and beneficial experience taking the individual down a psychological, religious and enlightening move of self-breakthrough. Just what a wonderful way to piece your daily life together!

Ø Great organizational too for personal documents