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When the amount of money you’ve got just won’t go considerably enough, you need to know how to strategically pay some bills – and minimize the fallout from not paying them all. Here’s how to put a plan together.

First, protect the essentials

These include shelter, food, warmth, lights, transportation and whatever else you need to be able to work (such as child care and phone service). What’s not essential? Everything else. Credit scores can recover. For now, concentrate on the basics.

Doxo – You may need to move if you can’t afford where you’re living. There’s an exception to this rule, however. If you can’t afford your mortgage payment, you may want to stay put. The foreclosure process typically takes several months, which means you could stay in your current home for free while you try to fix the rest of your financial life.

Next, do some triage on your bills

Use the guide above to see how long you’ve got on each type of bill before consequences begin. Virtually any skipped payment hurts you somehow. But there’s a big difference between lacking a debit card payment and lacking one for, say, child support.

You’ll also find resources, where applicable, that may support you in finding some respiration room.

Be prepared for calls

While tossing a few bucks to your credit card issuers or collection agencies may temporarily get them off your back, such payments are ultimately pointless if you wind up erasing your debts in bankruptcy or entering a personal debt management plan. We suggest you visit both a nonprofit credit counselor and a personal bankruptcy lawyer sooner rather than later. Consultations are typically free.

Visit the National Basis for Credit Counseling’s locator website to find a counselor near you and learn how to find the right bankruptcy attorney.

If you are sued, it’s important to show up in court – otherwise, a default view will be entered against you that can lead to wage garnishment and raids on your bank account. Many states allow you to be arrested for failing to respond to a court order to appear about a personal debt.


  1. When you pay your bills online you should routine payment a few days before the payment is due. It will allow the payment to be on time if there is a holiday or weekend. Additionally, it gives you time to make corrections if the payment did not go through for some reason.
  2. You can create reminders in your budgeting software that enables you to know that your payment must have been drafted from your accounts. It can help you retain a working balance of your bank checking account, and reduce the odds of overspending. You are able to save on bank fees if you stop yourself from overdrawing your accounts.
  3. Though it is luring to simply just forget about your expenses when you have established up computerized obligations, it’s important to check regularly to ensure that everything has been paid promptly. It’ll prevent you from allowing a mistake glide. You should still open up your expenses each month to ensure the payment hasn’t risen or that the accounts number hasn’t transformed.
  4. Another reason to check on your expenses each month would be that the expenses may rise. For instance, a loading service may increase its rates or the insurance costs will generally rise every year. If you’re checking them every month, you can determine if you would like to keep to use the service or check around for better rates. You should look for insurance frequently.