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The science behind the act of belly renting and why people are doing it

Lately these days, the quantity of couples who opt for the rental belly as an option to achieve their dream of fatherhood has increased.

Cultivate yourself about this complicated, expensive and, in some places, prohibited process.

Pregnancy by substitution, colloquially known as substitute mothers, surrogate mother, is a practice, progressively widespread, through which a female agrees to gestate a baby and abandon their filiation, which means all their rights, including those of mother, in favor of another person or couple.

 This is a very complicated process.

From the ethical to the economic features, but also legal, since it is prohibited in most countries, just like Spain.

The generative technique used in these cases is in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination, with which there are different prospects:

  • The pregnant mother is also the biological mother because she delivers the ovule.
  • The contracting mother is the biological mother because her ovule is introduced.

The ovum is acquired by anonymous donation from a third woman.

The contracting father is the biological father because he carries the gametes.

The male genetic material comes from a donor.

When it is carried out by the side of economic compensation, it’s all about the concerned parties or contractors who run all the payments that pregnancy and childbirth can carry, as well as any complication that may take place, purpose why we can say that it is an expensive process.

Though the course is the same, surrogacy may be the result of an agreement that begins a price or may be due to an altruistic action, frequently belonging to a relative.

The real reason for surrogate mothers?

The achievement rate of assisted reproduction in some nations like Spain for example, are very high.

Though, not all couples with fertility difficulties accomplish to range their goal over the different options that are put at their disposal.

This is why surrogacy agencies are so vital these days. The request is bigger and this option has become progressively considered.

Unquestionably, renting a belly is a very stimulating select in case of women without uterus, who have congenital sicknesses or who agonize from pathologies in which pregnancy is dejected.

Even for those single men who want to start a family.

Plus, to these people who have been enduring extended procedures of reproduction without very positive results.

Even families with two mothers or two fathers who want to have children and find many obstacles to adopt or simply want at least one member of the couple are also inclined towards this alternate way: be a biological father.