Top 5 toys that every kid needs in 2018

Toys can play a great role in the lives of kids, if they are chosen properly. These are the tops toys that can help you raise smarter and happier kids.

Osmo Pizza co.

Pizza co. is one of the best toys for your kid, if you want to inspire him/her to become a businessman, or an entrepreneur. In this game, your kid get to run a pizza shop and do everything that is expected from a pizza shop owner.

You get an app, which help you interact with the customers from the virtual world, who will order the pizzas, make payments and take exchange.Apart from the app, you will also get a pizza base and ingredients made up of cardboard. It is a great game for kids interested in business.


Cubetastic is a Rubik’s cube with a modern touch to it. It looks a little different from a normal cube, but works just the same.The only difference between this one and a normal cube is the fact, that once you can’t go any further in this one. The app will help you.

It comes with an app, which is compatible with most of the operating systems, when you can’t move forward, you will have to scan the cube from all side.The app will create an exact virtual version of that cube, and it will be solve one move at a time, so that your kid  can follow.

Klutz movie maker

If you want your kid to get interested in arts, and you think, that filmmaking will suit him/her the best, then this is for your kid.Klutz movie maker allows your kid to make animated movies sitting at your home, without any course what-so-ever.

In the box, there will be everything your kid might need to get going. But, you have to arrange a camera of your own.Fortunately, you can easily fine good cameras in most of the phones, now days.

Lulu Jr. My Comic Book Making Kit, Multicolor

Your kid can become a comic artist sitting at home with the help of this comic maker kit. It is a really awesome concept by this company.It allows you to turn your kids amateur comic books into a professional printed comic that you can put on display.

First of all, your kid have to write dialogues and draw pictures for the comics, once it is done. You can post it using the envelope provided in the box. The company will then send you a professional copy of that same comic.

Math for Love Prime Climb

Prime climb is a game that will teach your kid mathematics in the most fun way possible. It is a board game, like Snakes and Ladders.

But, the two dices you get with it are very unique and have 9 sides. Each side has a number from 1-9 printed on it.

The players have to roll the two dices and they can do on of the 4 mathematical operation on them. They add, divide, subtract, and multiply.

Each slot is color coded, which will help you perform math faster. The game takes a little while to sink in, but after that it becomes really smooth. It has won several toys awards.