Warning Signs that Shows You Have Toxins in Your Body

Toxin is any substance present in your body that hinders the proper functioning of the systems. We get these toxins from our food, the air we breathe, and even the cosmetic products we use on our body. Most of us have heard about cleansing from one or the other source. But we tend to ignore it because we think we are healthy enough. Before the toxins take a serious toll on your body, you should do something and stay alert else the toxins keep increasing every day. Listed below are the signs your body gives to tell you that your body is reaching the toxicity threshold.

Feeling of fatigue even after taking proper rest – Everybody feels tired after their busy day but it is not normal to consistently feel fatigued. When you start feeling tired all the time despite taking proper sleep and diet, this may be signal of increasing toxin level in the body. And, if you use coffee or any other caffeine-containing drinks to keep yourself working, you are worsening the condition of your body.

Unexplained weight gain – A majority of the human population in developed and developing countries are struggling for weight loss. Though losing weight is not easy for anybody, a toxic body tends to be more stubborn in this matter. If you are strictly observing a healthy diet routine for weight loss or doing regular exercise, your body should start losing weight. But, if you find that your weight is not decreasing despite all the efforts, then it certainly is due to the hormonal imbalance caused due to the toxins in your body. You can check this Detox Tea Guide to help you start detoxifying now.

Smelly breathe – Do you brush your teeth and clean your mouth well? Do you suffer from bad smelly breath? If you answered yes to both the questions you need to stay alert. A smelly breath despite proper cleaning of mouth means that the liver is struggling to get rid of the toxins present in your body. No mouth-fresheners or chewing gum can do the wonders of giving you fresh breathe unless you cure the root cause i.e. toxins.

Constipation – This does not demand an explanation. Your body needs to eliminate waste products from the body. And that is done mainly through stool and urine. If your body is not eliminating the wastes regularly then they are being stored in the body and increasing the level of toxins dangerously.

Aches and pains – If you got hurt, you’ll feel pain. If the day was too stressful, you may get a headache. But, if you don’t see any such reasons and still suffer pains frequently, the reason might be the toxins. It is not necessary that you feel the pain at the same place every time. Some days you’ll get a headache for no reason, other days you may get cramps in your hand or leg muscles. If nothing is working, try detoxification.

If you can see the signs of the presence of toxins in your body, you should immediately look for a detoxification procedure. Ignoring these signs will only increase your problems in future.