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Your Little Elf Can Talk to Santa for This Christmas

These free telephone calls from Santa will delight any child and fill their hearts with the magic of Christmas. These Santa Claus phone calls can be personalized with the child’s name and custom message handpicked just for them.

You will find free calls from Santa that you can set up to call your phone and also a free application that allows your child to always have instant access to the big guy in red. The gifts are wrapped, the cookies are baked and today it’s time to make the holidays even more magical by placing a call from Santa with your kiddos! Thinking just how to call Santa this year? There are lots of fun options and we’ve rounded up our favorites right here.

Keep scrolling to learn how to get in touch with Father Christmas with at the touch of your smartphone, web browser or even your home associate!

Free Call From Santa

There’s a free phone call from Santa at Christmas Dialer that you can personalize in a few different ways to make it a great experience for your kids.

You can customize the free call from Santa with your child’s name or a general greeting if you don’t find their name on the list. Our favorite part of the free Santa call from Christmas Dialer is that there are different phone call messages that you can send to your child. The free call from Santa can be scheduled for an exact date and time, making it easy for your child to receive the call. You are able to use and easily create more calls or cancel the main one you have created.

Here’s a promo code to use to try it out yourself or with your kids. DASHER2018 this code will allow you to send 10 phone calls (your choice of from Santa or the Elf). For free, Christmasdialer provides eight entertaining messages from either Santa or the elf directly to your phone. Here is an example of one of the charming phone calls to be received by your child on Christmas Eve. It’s labeled, “Sweet Dreams” featuring Santa calling an eager child to say he’s on his way.

“Wait a minute; shouldn’t you be in bed already? What are you doing answering the phone? Now I can’t come to your house to deliver your Christmas present unless you’re asleep. And you do want Christmas presents, don’t you? I thought so! You’ve been so good this year, so go and climb into bed and close your little eyes. My reindeer and I will be there very soon, and we’ll leave your presents underneath your tree right next to the milk and cookies you left out… You did leave out milk and cookies didn’t you? Santa gets very hungry driving his big sleigh all night long, you know! Merry Christmas, and sweet dreams little one!”

You can place a call for free on or take advantage of the premium service allowing you schedule your call to arrive at the perfect time for your family and also, you’ll receive a recorded message by email of your excited child’s reaction. The premium service starts at just $1.99 for two calls.

Don’t miss out on this fun opportunity to make the holiday season magical for your child with a merry phone call directly from the North Pole! Visit –